Beth Gamble and Craig Gamble

Co-Founders of Waterlily Spa & Cosmetics Boutique 

Our Story

Waterlily has been growing and thriving for close to 20 years having served over 16,000 clients! Founded in 2002 by Beth and Craig Gamble, Waterlily has earned a fanatical customer base. In fact, referrals account for the vast majority of our new customers. We are proud to say that repeat customers are the norm for Waterlily, where we firmly believe that women want and deserve an ongoing, positive relationship with their skin-care provider.

Waterlily is a unique spa and cosmetics boutique offering impeccable service, the highest-quality products, and an elegant, gracious atmosphere.

We are a full-service spa in the European tradition. Our strength is in providing amazing corrective treatments to your skin using medical-grade cosmeceuticals. Our training, our passion, and our exclusive products combine to produce dramatic results in the beauty and health of your skin.

At Waterlily, we believe that a true spa experience should provide more than just a retreat from the hectic pace and stresses of daily life. Of course, these things are important.  We believe our clients deserve more than pampering... they deserve lasting, amazing results in the beauty and health of their skin.

Our professional staff are all classically trained and fully up-to-date on the latest trends and products in the spa industry. In fact, we require our staff to attend three times more training annually than the industry average!